Nanyang MBA

The Nanyang MBA is offered by the Nanyang Business School in NTU Singapore. It is ranked highly amongst the top MBA programmes in the world. The participants, faculty and our partners collaborate to solve real-world challenges through cutting-edge research and distinct pedagogy. 

nanyang mba

Situated in Asia’s most livable city and the world’s 3rd best, Singapore, the Nanyang MBA is an intensive global programme with a focus in Asia. This 12-month programme has a stronger focus on leadership, and provides deeper insight and applications to industry. You will do a ‘live’ strategy project (Strategy Projects at Nanyang) where you work in groups to deal with a strategic opportunity that a particular organisation has and undergo a comprehensive leadership course (Leading People Globally). Participants also have an opportunity to do a Business Study Mission (BSM) either locally or in another country.

Experience a personal and professional transformation with the leading MBA programme in Singapore that will enable you to take on leadership roles anywhere in the world.

Why you should choose the Nanyang MBA