Application Status


The status of your application to Nanyang MBA will be updated regularly after the end of each application period.

You can view the status of your application anytime by logging on to the  on-line application status system.

The processing of applications is by batch mode , not rolling basis for Round 1 applications. As we will be busy processing the applications, e-mail follow ups may not be replied in time- instead we request your patience to wait instead for the results and continue to check on your status, using the on line application status system.

After the assessment of your application is completed, a shortlisting selection is conducted for the next stage,  the interview, followed by an announcement of  shortlisted candidates.  You will receive this e-mail if you are shortlisted.  The announcement of shortlisted candidates for  interview will be made after the deadline of the application round and is not a one time exercise- subsequent announcement will also be made as warranted.  In some instances,, it is also possible that your interview may occur even during the  round itself.

The interview is by invitation only.

If you are successful after the interview, you will move to the final selection stage which will determine whether you will be admitted to the MBA program. This selection process will have the Admissions Committee to meet for deliberation and candidates for admission are selected.

The duration of the entire selection process varies, depending on the timing and quantity of the applications received, and which application round you applied.


Results of your application

Announcement of the offered candidates will be made after the final selection stage via an e-mail notification from the admissions office.If you are successful, you will receive an e-mail informing you about the admission offer (the e-mail is sent only to successful candidates).

NOTE : You will need to complete the acceptance of the offer within the stipulated time , or the offer will lapse automatically.

For unsuccessful candidates, you will not receive an e-mail. Instead, the results are released via the on line application status.

Note that incomplete applications will not be processed.