Nanyang-St Gallen Double Masters

Study in Singapore and Switzerland to earn two world-class Masters Degrees


In partnership with the University of St. Gallen, currently ranked #1 globally, we now offer a unique opportunity to pursue a two-year full-time Double Masters programme designed for tomorrow’s global leaders in business. Combining business acumen with a global mindset, this innovative and stimulating programme enables you to earn an MBA from Nanyang Business School and a Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management from St. Gallen simultaneously.

As a graduate of these two programmes, you will benefit from a significant boost to your credentials. Our alumni are well-known for possessing all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to deliver high performance at top international management positions.

Both programmes are taught in English and participants will spend their first three trimesters in Nanyang Business School before going to St. Gallen for two semesters’ further full-time study.

  • 1. About University of St. Gallen

    One of the world’s most respected institutions, the University of St. Gallen is renowned for providing cutting edge education in the field of management, with a research-based, practice-proven ethos. Ranked number one globally for its Master’s programme in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG) in the FT annual ranking, its rigorous training prepares students to take the reins of the world’s most prestigious companies.

    Learn more about University of St. Gallen here.

  • 2. Programme Structure

    Information about the Nanyang-St Gallen Double Masters programme structure is available here.

  • 3. Programme Calendar

    Information about the Nanyang-St Gallen Double Masters programme calendar is available here.

  • 4. How to apply

    You must first gain admission into the Nanyang MBA in order to be eligible for this Double Masters programme. Outgoing applicants from Nanyang Business School must be of a non-European nationality.

    For enquiries, please send an email to